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three kings’ day: the holiday season is over | dia de reis: acabou-se o que era doce


Por esta altura, confesso, é mais olhos do que barriga. Mas comer uma fatia de bolo-rei no Dia de Reis é algo que gosto (muito) de cumprir. E de passar adiante. Three Kings’ Day closes the Holiday Season and I’m having an Epiphany — well, not really but I won’t say no to a piece of this Portuguese style galette des rois. God save the king(s)!   Words and photo by jms | © 2017. All rights reserved…

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spot alert: ladurée quai des bergues | geneva

Our collective imagination was already wild when it comes to French luxury pastry brand Ladurée, best-known for its mouth-watering macarons (among other things), but director Sofia Coppola has definitely raised the bar in the film “Marie Antoinette” — she…