Developing ideas, concepts and projects from scratch, apart from producing contents, is my “thing”. 

Experiencing the world and meeting trendsetters in the travel and leisure industry over the years have enhanced and extended my social and professional skills in this business. And that is why I usually say lifestyle has become more than just a job to me: it is a state of mind — and changed my perception, my understanding.

Food styling, photo shootings for social media, photo shoot production for different purposes, social media advising, product placement, customized city guides and editorial projects (from books and magazines to brochures and websites) are part of my routine as editor & consultant.

Below you will find a few examples. Feel free to contact me and let me know more about your plans. 

Food pictures for social media | Food styling




Product placement

Photo3-Product Placement


City Guides

Bilbao by architecture


Cape Town by style

Photo5-Cidade do Cabo

Brasilia D.F. by architecture



Vila Monte Farm House (Algarve/Portugal) for social media

Photo7-Vila Monte

Paraíso Escondido (Alentejo/Portugal) for social media

Photo8-Paraíso on IG