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I got a postcard from… Campione d’Italia | Como, Italy


[this text is only available in English] When you imagine a trip to Italy, there are a few cities and sights that tend to come to your mind immediately, right? Rome, we bet, dominates most of the world’s image of this country, but the wonders of Florence and Venice aren’t too far behind. We also think of seaside stops on the Mediterranean and sprawling vineyards producing some of the world’s best wine, but Italy’s allure doesn’t stop with these highlights. What about…

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o seu instagram fica por minha conta

Uma pergunta:  – já pensou em confiar o Instagram do seu projeto a quem realmente entende do assunto? Estou aqui para isso. Para quem ainda não me conhece, apresento-me: João Miguel Simões, jornalista há quase duas décadas. Sempre dentro…