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city guide dubai: more than just a stopover | mais do que apenas uma escala


Last november I traveled to Dubai invited by Emirates (those who follow me on Instagram knew that already, right?) — the very same airline that, just in 2016 and 2017, has moved something like 56 million passengers (and served over 200 000 meals per day on board, having in mind the different habits and requests all over the world). Is this impressive or what? More than just a stopover between flights, the largest carrier in the Middle East is determined to…

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spot alert: ladurée quai des bergues | geneva

Our collective imagination was already wild when it comes to French luxury pastry brand Ladurée, best-known for its mouth-watering macarons (among other things), but director Sofia Coppola has definitely raised the bar in the film “Marie Antoinette” — she…

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spot alert: dear hotel madrid

I’m the living proof that social media are changing the way we travel. During my last trip to Madrid I’ve elected Dear Hotel after seeing it on several Instagram feeds that I follow for tips and inspiration. Located on…

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spot alert: potato head hong kong

If you are into design and architecture, you probably know Sou Fujimoto for interventions like the 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London or, more recently, for his collaborating with COS on a Forest of Light installation during Milan Design Week. What you probably don’t…