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three kings’ day: the holiday season is over | dia de reis: acabou-se o que era doce


Por esta altura, confesso, é mais olhos do que barriga. Mas comer uma fatia de bolo-rei no Dia de Reis é algo que gosto (muito) de cumprir. E de passar adiante. Three Kings’ Day closes the Holiday Season and I’m having an Epiphany — well, not really but I won’t say no to a piece of this Portuguese style galette des rois. God save the king(s)!   Words and photo by jms | © 2017. All rights reserved…

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food alert: phoi cavalo | lisboa

Inspired by his travels to Vietname — where he has realised that in Lisbon we don’t know much about their traditional soups —, chef Hugo Brito, the mind behind Boi Cavalo (in the hood of Alfama, he serves on…

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spot alert: the mill | lisboa

They serve the best Arabica espresso in town — as it should be: balanced, aromatic and with a very vivid citrus essence. Hallelujah! Since my last trip to Colombian coffee triangle (comprising the regions of Pereira, Manzanales and Armenia),…

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spot alert: nicolau lisboa

One time was not enough, so I went more than once to Nicolau Lisboa, in Baixa (Downtown Lisbon, between Rua da Prata and Rua dos Douradores) to be certain of my impressions towards it. Thumbs up for the idea…

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spot alert: hello, kristof | lisboa

Coffee and magazines. Can it get any better than this? Hardly if we are talking about coffee shops. The trend is not new, but it took us a while in Lisbon, where espressos are cheap (and part of our…